What is a ‘Buyer’s Broker’?

As a boat broker I am often asked to represent a buyer and help look for, give advice and help with the negotiation and purchase of a vessel.

This free service is ideal for anyone who is starting out and unfamiliar with the process, or for anyone looking to buy who would appreciate some help and advice in finding and securing their dream boat.

You’re free to enjoy searching, just let me know first and when you find the ones you want to know more about, I will liaise with the owner or broker to get you the best result.

How is it a free service?

A ‘Buyer’s Broker’ splits the commission with the vendor’s broker if he introduces a buyer. It adds nothing to the costs for the buyer.

As a Buyer’s Broker it is important that I make first contact with the vessels representative, especially if it is with another brokerage, otherwise I cannot represent you for free. However, you can still choose to commission me directly for an agreed amount, depending on the value of the boat.

Why do I need a Buyer’s Broker?

It’s not easy finding the perfect boat. The Buyer’s Broker understands your needs versus wants for a boat and through friendly networks can search far wider for specific boats to suit your requirements.

Some buyer’s prefer having a familiar professional on their side, rather than a member of the public or their representative, especially when it comes to negotiating. An offer made on a broker’s contract is far more credible, safe and secure than an approach made to a private seller on a handshake.

With 45,000 sea miles and as a qualified RYA Yachtmaster Offshore I have experience that I am happy to share, along with a genuine commitment and sincere integrity, to meeting your requirements because as I read somewhere, it’s not easy finding the perfect boat. Contact me here and let’s see how I can help you live the dream.

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